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posted by: Haley's Motel on: June 04, 2019

Image: Nitin Dhumel

The waters off the shore of Anna Maria Island are incredibly beautiful and endlessly beckoning. It’s virtually impossible to sit on the beach and not want to dive right in.
If you’re planning a trip to Anna Maria Island, you’re definitely going to want to go for a swim – but that’s not the only way to explore the blue waters of the Gulf Coast!


If you like to get out on the water in a more meditative way, rent a kayak at Island Kayak Tours! There’s something beautiful about getting into the rhythm of putting your oar into the water, propelling yourself naturally around the shore. If you prefer environmentally friendly watersports, this is among the best.


It’s great to get out onto the water where you can cast a line, go for a little dip away from the crowds or just open up the throttle and let it rip! Just 4 Fun on Holmes Beach is a great choice for renting a boat!


Okay, technically you’re not in the water when you’re parasailing, but it definitely counts. This absolutely thrilling experience puts you in the air, pulled behind a powerful boat with a parachute hoisting you up into the wild blue yonder. It’s exhilarating and gives you an incredible view of the beauties of Anna Maria Island. There are a few options in the area for this experience – feel free to ask the knowledgeable staff at Haley’s Motel for their recommendation.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much to do here on Anna Maria Island – or you could just kick back and relax!

Either way, Haley’s Motel is where you want to spend your vacation. A time capsule into the Florida of yesteryear, we have comfortable rooms that help you relax. Book your stay today!