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posted by: Haley's Motel on: January 22, 2018
sunset anna maria island romantic

When it comes to igniting the flames of romance, Florida’s Anna Maria Island is hard to beat. Nestled in the Gulf of Mexico, this gorgeous barrier island puts romantics in the mood for love with its perfect turquoise waters, cozy eateries, quaint buildings, pristine sandy beaches and old-style Florida charm. Here are five reasons why romantics just can’t resist it…
1. You Cannot Resist Anna Marie Island's Local Charm
Grab your loved one by the hand and take a stroll along Coquina Beach as you peruse the stalls of unique local artists and one-of-a-kind vendors. You can then relax on their deck overlooking the Gulf or sample some great food at the Coquina Café. The Beach Market is from 10 am to 4 pm on most Sundays from November through to July; and on Wednesdays from the end of December through to early May.
2. Nothing Says ‘Love’ Like Sharing a Donut
Heat up your relationship at the hot donut bar at The Donut Experiment. Select your icing and then think outside the box when you choose your toppings. Rainbow and chocolate sprinkles? Check. Bacon? Check. Crushed Oreo cookies? Check, check, check.
3. Wildlife is Everywhere
Keep an eye out for manatee and bottlenose dolphins as you stroll along the shore with your special someone. Wild Parrots can be heard chattering in the trees, turtles come ashore to lay their eggs and pelicans sit patiently waiting for fish to swim by.
4. Waterfront Restaurants are Romantic
Check out the Beach Bistro, which sits on the beautiful white-sand beaches of Anna Maria Island. It’s currently a 10-time recipient of Florida Trend Magazine’s Golden Spoon Award and has been enthroned in the Golden Spoon “Hall of Fame.” Add to that the fact that its wine list regularly receives the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for offering “one of the best wine lists in the world”, and you’ll understand exactly why your special someone will just love it.
5. The Sunsets are Incredible
Sunset-watching is a way of life on Anna Maria Island—and rightly so! Watching the sun slowly sink into the Gulf of Mexico is an experience not to be forgotten, so sink your feet into the sand and soak it up. And we all know what makes a stunning sunset even more spectacular: why, a kiss of course!
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