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posted by: Haley's Motel on: June 13, 2019

During the summer, is there anything better than spending some time in the great outdoors? Nobody wants to be stuck behind closed doors when the weather is oh so fine, and especially so when you’re in a place as beautiful as Anna Maria Island. Fortunately, it’s an island that more than provides. There are so many terrific things to do on this beautiful island, that visitors and locals are spoilt for choice. Below, we take a look at just three options that await you during your trip.


Take a bike ride

It’s a slower pace of life on Anna Maria Island. There’s no need for cars, really! You can explore all the beauty by renting a bike and travelling around the island on two wheels. It makes for a perfect start to any day, after which you can simply enjoy all the rest that the island has to offer.

Look at the stars

How often do you get to just lie outside, and gaze up at the stars? Not all that often when you live in an urban area. On Anna Maria Island, you’ll have your chance. There’s no so much light pollution here, so if it’s a clear night, you’ll have plenty of stars to look at. Perfect!

A day at the beach

And who could forget a day at the beach? Grab a beach towel and head down for a relaxing day on the sand, with the occasional dip in the water.

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